Children’s Playground Equipment and Spaces

Choosing an experienced, professional, certified team to install, repair, retrofit and relocate your playground is the first step in ensuring your equipment is a lasting investment. Our experienced team of installers have completed countless playground installations throughout Canada. Our team is not only trained on how to install most major brands of playgrounds, we also ensure all playgrounds adhere to the regulations set forth by the CSA.

Our dedicated installation team consists of expertly trained CPSI Inspectors and Installers combining to provide over 35 years Playground Installation experience as well as Licensed Millwrights. Having such a diversified and experienced install team allows us to quickly address and resolve any potential problems while ensuring deadlines are upheld, within budget!

Playground Modifications

Playground Modifications for the Visually Impaired

Our team of professional technicians modified the existing playground so that a visually impaired student could use the playground easier.

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Playground Repairs

Playground Repairs at Credit Meadows

Our team of highly skilled playground inspectors helped make sure this playground was ready for the new school year.

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playground surfacing

Playground Surfacing Comparison

Improving playground surfacing is critical to the safety of your equipment, view the difference "Before" and "After" rototilling.

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County Hills P.S. Slide Installation

Check out one of PARCS Ltd's. newest playground installations at County Hills P.S.

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Single Bay Swing Set Installation

A swing set installation at a daycare centre.

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Beausoleil Island Playground Install

The completed Beausoleil Island Playground Installation in Georgian Bay.

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Scenic Caves Playground

The Scenic Caves playground installation was one of our more challenging installations but definitely worth it!

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Oakwood P.S. Playground

PARCS Ltd. has designed a unique playground at Oakwood P.S.

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Burk's Falls Playground Installation

Completed early in the summer of 2013, this Playground Installation made an immediate impact in the community.

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Orillia Playground Installation

Have a look at our recent playground installation in Orillia.

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Island Lake Playground

Our team at PARCS Ltd. created a unique playground designed to be fully accessible and challenging as well!

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Hensall Kinsman Park

PARCS Ltd. was contacted to create a unique and custom playground for the Hensall Kinsman Park.

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Falgarwood P.S. Playground

Have a look at one of PARCS Ltd's. newest playground installations at Falgarwood P.S.

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Lakeshore Discovery School Playground

PARCS Ltd. has installed a playground at the Lakeshore Discovery School.

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Garderie des Moussaillons

PARCS Ltd. installed an all-new playground at the La Garderie des Moussaillons school.

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Ecole Publique Des Navigateurs

PARCS Ltd. installed a brand new playground at the Ecole Publique Des Navigateurs school.

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