We offer our clients a comprehensive service program that includes equipment repairs (including 24/7 emergency on site service), equipment installationsmobile welding and preventative maintenance programs.

By having certified CWB welders, an engineering team, and highly trained inspectors as part of your service team, from start to finish, our clients can benefit from having less downtime, higher efficiency, and regulatory compliance. Our programs are designed to provide these advantages and ensure that our clients are able to achieve their goals.

This is all brought together with our online Customer Portal that satisfies record keeping compliance in a solution that you can access through your phone, tablet or desktop.


img PARCS Emergency Repair Response

Emergency Repair Response

Dedicated equipment repair and service teams, 24 hour emergency service support teams, dedicated service advisors, an in-house service department, on-site service teams, and vehicles stocked with common parts for your equipment.

img PARCS Mobile Welding

Mobile welding

As a member of the Liftsafe Group of Companies, PARCS has access to qualified Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) welders that offer exceptional quality and service.

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Inventory/asset control management

For organisations searching for the most practical approach to track their tools and equipment in order to run their business efficiently, equipment asset management software is a valuable resource.

img PARCS Roto Tilling


Roto-tilling and Surface Impact Attenuation Testing are two vital services we perform to ensure your investment is up to CAN / CSA Z-614-14 Standards.

img Wood Fibre Surfacing

Wood Fibre Surfacing

This popular form of Playground Surfacing has been directly linked to a drastic reduction in serious playground injuries within Ontario and, in part, is a simple step you can take to make your playgrounds safer.

Minimize ongoing maintenance costs by enrolling in our Preventative Maintenance (PM Plus) program.

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We meet all your custom product needs from start to finish. Our in-house engineering team will ensure quick sign-off on all custom orders and testing while meeting the exact specifications required for your facility.

You can expect top-of-the-line products and excellent customer service. From design to implementation, our team will walk you through the process and help you reach the best solution for your facility needs.

To request a consultation, please fill out the form attached to this page and we will reach out to book a consultation that fits into your schedule. You can also contact us directly at:


  • Plan ahead to get the job done safely.
  • Assess areas on your rooftop that require access.


  • Are my employees or contractors at risk of a fall?
  • Am I exposing my company to unnecessary fines?


  • Provide the right fall protection equipment.

Most jurisdictions require the use of specific fall protection measures before, or in addition to, personal protective equipment (PPE). These measures generally include the use of some of the following:

fixed barriers (e.g., handrails, guardrails)

surface opening protection (e.g., covers, guardrails, etc.)

warning barriers/control zones

fall or travel restraint systems (i.e., a system to prevent a worker from falling from a work position, or from travelling to an unguarded edge from which the worker could fall)

fall containment system (e.g., safety nets)

fall arrest systems (i.e., a system that will stop a worker’s fall before the worker hits the surface below)

There may also be specific legal requirements around use of equipment like ladders and scaffolding.

Occupational health and safety laws generally require action when a worker has the potential to fall about 3 metres (10 feet). In most cases, fall protection is required when:

other means of fall protection are not available or possible, such as guardrails

working at a height of 3 metres or more (permanent and/or temporary work areas)

working at a height of less than 3 metres when the surface below could cause a greater injury than just the fall (e.g., machinery; risk of drowning in water or other liquid; open tanks, vats, or pits containing hazardous materials; materials that can shift)

a worker may fall through an opening in the work surface

it is determined that fall protection is necessary 

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