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Machine guarding is an essential and necessary requirement for schools to ensure students and staff are safe. Lack of machine guarding and inadequate lockout procedures are among the top four causes of workplace accidents in Ontario. The number and severity of injuries continue to be a focus of OHSA, resulting in significant fines and penalties imposed by the MOL in schools across the province. Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act requires that employers take every precaution reasonable in the circumstances to protect workers. Sections 25, 27 and 28 refer to the duties and responsibilities of employers, supervisors and workers.

We will perform a full site audit and address all of your concerns, identifying both major and minor issues. Our trained and certified team will work with you to install safety products that will not interfere with the operation of the equipment. Once your machine guarding solution has been installed, we will prepare and design a training and education session, including all necessary signage and certificates to ensure you are compliant. As is standard with all of our inspections, your inspections will be performed via a wireless tablet and data will be uploaded to a secure Customer Portal for viewing within 24 hours. At this time you will be able to track what work has been performed, what repairs are required, and track all of your equipment information in one secure location.

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6 Step inspections

1. Tag It!
We affix a permanent bar code tag to your equipment. Each tag has a distinct identification number, allowing us to identify your equipment each year and monitor its status on an annual basis.
2. Inspect It!
We use tablets to complete your inspections. This cost-effective inspection method allows us to build unique inspection certificates for each type of equipment and ensures our inspectors are covering each inspection point.
3. Sticker It!
We use colour coded stickers, which will provide your staff with a visual aid for assessing what equipment has been inspected and what might require inspections.
4. Certify It!
We provide a detailed certificate for each piece of equipment we inspect. These certificates provide you with valuable knowledge regarding standards, regulations and services required.
5. Send It!
We will send you an automated email after the completion of the job notifying you that documents have been uploaded to your customer portal account for viewing.
6. Access It!
Upon completion of your work, our technicians will synchronize their devices, meaning you will have access to your reports within 24 hours. All your information is sent to our database. All reports are available to our customers via a secure login to our customer portal.


Experienced team of technicians

PARCS employs expert employees which include in-house engineers, design teams, fabrication teams, inspection teams and an experienced management team. Our team receives over 1276 hours of company approved training every year to ensure your inspections are completed in a timely and efficient manner.

Digital reporting

Through our wireless/paperless reporting, we are leading the industry with environmentally efficient practices. Our mobile feature allows you to have full access to inspection and equipment records anywhere at any time.

Quick results

At PARCS we utilise the latest wireless technology to ensure your inspection certificates are processed in the shortest period of time.

Never lose track

Enjoy access to all necessary certificates, repair documentation, manuals and reports 24/7 with our mobile technology.

Standard inspections offered

At PARCS we offer over 40 standard types of inspections, making us the single source for maintaining your facilities safety and compliance.


By completing a free no-obligation facility audit, we can assess your inspection needs to help determine the services necessary for your organization.

Cost and time savings

Our inspections will save your company both time and money. Reduce unnecessary costs and increase the value of your existing equipment.

Improved safety and attendance

Our number one priority has always been safety. With frequent inspections of your equipment, we can help bring your facility one step closer to full safety compliance.

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