Ensuring your recreational facilities are ready for use all year round should be your top priority. Since 2001, PARCS Ltd. has been installing, repairing and maintaining not only playgrounds but also flagpoles, fences, benches and a variety of other outdoor items.

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Since 2001, PARCS Ltd. has been installing playgrounds throughout Ontario in Schools, Parks, and Municipalities.

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Synthetic Grass

Synthetic Grass (Turf) products provide safe, high-performance surfaces, perfect for playgrounds, soccer and football fields, and indoor sporting facilities.

img Outdoor Sports Equipment

Outdoor Sports Equipment

Some of our more common Outdoor Sports Equipment Installations include basketball nets, benches and bike racks, goal posts and backstops, and natural playgrounds.

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Sports Netting

Our Athletic Netting experts pride themselves on their ability to provide our customers with a complete line of both indoor and outdoor sports netting, which are designed specifically to keep facilities, participants and bystanders safe.

img Wood Fibre Surfacing

Wood Fibre Surfacing

This popular form of Playground Surfacing has been directly linked to a drastic reduction in serious playground injuries within Ontario and, in part, is a simple step you can take to make your playgrounds safer.


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