At PARCS Ltd. we pride ourselves on our complete and accurate certification process to ensure your equipment is safe. Our commitment of providing regular training to our technicians will ensure our customers receive qualified individuals to perform their inspections.

Our team uses wireless tablets to collect equipment data and provide our technicians with a detailed checklist of inspection points, ensuring nothing is missed during the inspection process. All deliverables are available to our customers via our Customer Portal within 24 hours of the inspection.

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categories of inspection offered

The main thing that PARCS is known for is our outdoor inspections when it comes to playgrounds and outdoor sports equipment. We provide inspections that span across several governing bodies such as ANSI, OHSA and CSA. 

Gym Inspections are of critical importance and frequent inspections are required and enforced by law. Gym equipment can pose a significant risk to students if not properly inspected and maintained.

Injuries in Automotive Shops continue to be the focus of school related injuries for the MOL. PARCS is an ALI Member company, offering ALI Certified inspection services for your automotive lifts.


Facility inspections are a large part of MOL blitzes as these pieces of equipment are often overlooked and fall under the “other” category of inspections and most of our clients are unaware that most of these inspections are required by law, annually.

Lack of Machine Guarding and inadequate lockout procedures are among the top four causes of workplace accidents in Ontario. The number of injuries and their severity continue to be a focus of OHSA, resulting in significant fines and penalties in schools throughout the province by the MOL.

6 Step inspections

1. Tag It!
We affix a permanent bar code tag to your equipment. Each tag has a distinct identification number, allowing us to identify your equipment each year and monitor its status on an annual basis.
2. Inspect It!
We use tablets to complete your inspections. This cost-effective inspection method allows us to build unique inspection certificates for each type of equipment and ensures our inspectors are covering each inspection point.
3. Sticker It!
We use colour coded stickers, which will provide your staff with a visual aid for assessing what equipment has been inspected and what might require inspections.
4. Certify It!
We provide a detailed certificate for each piece of equipment we inspect. These certificates provide you with valuable knowledge regarding standards, regulations and services required.
5. Send It!
We will send you an automated email after the completion of the job notifying you that documents have been uploaded to your customer portal account for viewing.
6. Access It!
Upon completion of your work, our technicians will synchronize their devices, meaning you will have access to your reports within 24 hours. All your information is sent to our database. All reports are available to our customers via a secure login to our customer portal.

Customer Portal

Any time, Anywhere

The PARCS Customer Portal has been designed to provide 24-hour access to all necessary documentation in a completely digital form. Our Customer Portal is compatible with both android and IOS devices to help you keep all your inspection reports in the palm of your hand. This tool reduces the need for lengthy paper records and contains a detailed inventory of your equipment.



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Sort and track the orders, repairs and inspections of your equipment by date, time and location.

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Schedule multiple equipment inspections and repairs on an immediate and annual basis.

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Approve all outstanding orders and quotes remotely at any time.

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Request changes to quotes and orders at any time.

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