RoofGuard Line of Products

Cost Effective Regulations Reduce the potential for fines Prevent Falls
All these rooftop fall prevention products are cost-effective fall safety solutions. These rooftop guardrail systems are designed in order to meet or exceed all North American Safety Standards. With the addition of a rooftop guardrail system, you will be able to reduce the potential for costly fines. These fall prevention devices will help protect your employees from injury or death.

Fall Safety

Rooftop Guardrail X-Press Rooftop guardrail RoofGuard Classic

RoofGuard X-Press Rails 

This is our most unique, easy to install rooftop guardrail system. These rooftop fall protection system are designed with pre-fabricated rail sections which can be installed and dismantled quickly for temporary applications, without sacrificing quality, durability and most importantly safety.

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These free-standing rooftop fall protection systems, are designed to be a non-penetrating, and will help prevent workers and contractors from falling into open roof hatches.

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RoofGuard Classic 

With the addition of this fall protection system you will be able to eliminate the need for active fall protection equipment such as Safety Harnesses/ Lanyards, Roof Anchor Systems or Horizontal Lifelines with the addition of this rooftop guardrail system

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Rooftop Elevation Change Step Rooftop Restraint Anchor Rooftop Access Ladder

RoofStep is a unique and innovative system which enables you safely move over rooftop elevation changes including parapet walls.

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RoofGuard Restraint Anchor 

This Restraint Anchor is designed for individuals working near the roof edge. This portable system allows for users to have the flexibility needed to place anchor points exactly where they need them.

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Rooftop Access Ladder 

We design, engineer, fabricate, inspect and install fixed access ladders throughout North America

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RoofWalk Rooftop Crossover System Roof Hatch Grab Bar

Roof Walk is a completely customized line of rooftop walkway systems that provide a safe walking surface for regular rooftop access.

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RoofGuard Crossover 

Eliminate the potential of rooftop trip hazards over piping and other rooftop obstructions with this rooftop fall prevention system.

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With the addition of this rooftop grab bar you will be able to safely enter and exit your rooftop.

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