The Importance of Athletic Equipment Inspections.

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One of the main focuses of schools and more specifically a school’s athletic department should be focusing on helping students achieve their highest athletic aspirations. But to truly do this schools need to provide a safe environment, and more specifically safe equipment to practice with.

When is the last time you had a comprehensive safety and preventative maintenance audit of your facility?

Indoor Inspections are of critical importance and frequent inspections of gymnasiums, basketball assemblies, bleachers and other equipment, are required and enforced by law. Gym equipment poses a significant risk to students and can present life-threatening risks if not properly inspected and maintained.

It is important to ensure your equipment has regular inspections and maintenance, always ensure that you have your inspections scheduled before they get lost in the chaos of everyday life. Annual inspections are critical to ensure the longevity of your equipment, protect you from potential liability during a fail, and most importantly protect staff, students and the public.

What Should I do Now? 

One of the first things you should do is contact your inspection company to schedule a comprehensive safety and preventative maintenance audit of your facility.

If you don’t have an inspection company, currently looking for a new one or aren’t sure if your current one is completing their inspections as thoroughly as they should keep this in mind.

Make sure that the company that is inspecting your equipment is using the latest technology and practises and taking inventory and deficiency photos
Make sure that you keep a record of all your inspection certificates – your inspection provider should also be able to give you access to a portal to easily be able to retrieve them whenever you need to
Steps should be taken to ensure the process is done both as efficiently and effectively as possible, but also that they are done in a green way – for example PARCS Ltd uses a paperless inspection system and has a customer portal allowing you almost instant access to your results.

Learn more about PARCS Ltd. here or contact them today for an initial no-obligation consultation and they will work with you to ensure that you are compliant and that all of the ministries regulations are upheld.