RoofGuard HatchBar

These roof hatch grab bars mount directly to the frame of the hatch and act as a single point of assistance; which allow your contractors and employees to safely enter and exit your roof hatch.

The RoofGuard Hatch Bar is mounted directly to the frame of the hatch, this system aids in rooftop entry while not interfering with day-to-day roof access. The Hatch Bar acts, as a single point of assistance to ensure your entry onto rooftops is quick and most importantly safe!

These roof hatch grab bars are designed in order to work on all makes and models of roof hatches and have been rigorously tested in order to meet some of the most stringent of weight and durability requirements.

RoofGuard has been designed to meet or exceed all major North American safety standards/regulations including Ontario MOL requirements, ANSIOSHAOHSA & WorkSafeBC.

Questionnaire Checklist Able to be Quickly Assembled Prevent Rooftop Accidents from Occurring
Don't let safety take a back seat, ensure the safety of both your employees/contractors and your rooftop with this rooftop grab bar. These hatch grab bars are designed in order to be able to quickly and easily be assembled. These roof hatch bars are designed in order to help prevent accidents from occurring on your rooftop.
Prevent Falls Safe and Reliable Permanent Skylight Guardrail Solution
Ensure the safety of both your employees and contractors with this roof hatch grab bar systems which will help to ensure work is conducted safely on the rooftop. These fall prevention systems create a protective boundary around the roof in order to prevent damage from occurring to the roof membrane. Designed in order to be a permanent solution this rooftop safety system is also fully modular, and can be taken down, moved and reconstruct as needed.

Available RoofGuard Grab Bar Options:

With the addition of this hatch grab post, your employees/contractors will be able to safely and efficiently enter and exit your rooftop.

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With the addition of this fall protection system, you will be able to eliminate the need for active fall protection equipment such as Safety Harnesses/ Lanyards, Roof Anchor Systems or Horizontal Lifelines with the addition of this rooftop guardrail system

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