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Research has shown that playground injuries can be reduced by lowering the heights of play equipment and using soft, deep surfaces to cushion falls.
- Canadian Paediatric Society, 2012.
Depths of 30cm have been shown to provide impact properties that comply with the CSA Standard to fall heights well in excess of 3m. Periodic site testing using the TRIAX 2000 is performed to determine if the surfacing meets the Head Injury Criteria (HIC).

Fall Safety

Ensuring your recreational facilities are ready for use all year round should be your top priority. Since 2001, PARCS Ltd. has been installing, repairing and maintaining not only playgrounds but also flagpoles, fences, benches and a variety of other outdoor items.

wood fibre surfacing synthetic grass supply, install, repair

Engineered Wood Fibre Surfacing

This popular form of Playground Surfacing has been directly linked to a drastic reduction in serious playground injuries within Ontario and, in part, is a simple step you can take to make your playgrounds safer.

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Synthetic Grass

Synthetic Grass (Turf) products provide safe, high-performance surfaces, perfect for playgrounds, soccer and football fields, and indoor sporting facilities.

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Supply, Install and Repair

Reliable and complete recreational facility products.

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Roto-Tilling Playground Installation

Roto-Tilling is an essential service to ensure your surfacing meets the minimum requirements of CSA Standards for Fall Protection.

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PARCS Ltd. partners with some of the foremost leading international Playground Manufacturers to offer Fully Accessible, Age Appropriate, Safe and Functional Playgrounds in the business.

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Playground Installations

A retrofit of an existing Playground is a viable and cost-effective way to modernize your existing structure while increasing not only the safety of the system but accessibility as well.

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Playground Relocations Retro Fitting

Playground Relocations
PARCS Ltd. is an expert playground relocation, we will ensure your equipment is properly removed and reinstalled, taking care not to damage your equipment and ensuring it is compliant when reinstalled.

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Retro Fitting

Our Playground professionals use only the finest quality of replacement parts and components. PARCS specializes in vandalism repairs; our quick turn-key service will get your Playground back into use in no time.

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