Figure Skating Harness (Supply and Install)

PARCS is now offering a range of figure skating harness systems that allow professionals and students to dramatically reduce their learning time for double, triple and quadruple jumps. Harness systems are used by professional figure skating coaches across the world to help safely train figure skaters all the way from beginners to world champions to perform the multi-rotational jumps that you see in competition.

There are several advantages to having a jumping harness at your facility. It allows coaches to direct the jump, control the speed, keep the skater balanced in the air and make sure the skater's back is in the correct position upon landing. However, the main advantage of using a figure skating harness is to keep figure skaters from falling and possibly injuring themselves during training.

Harnesses are designed in order to support different ages and expertise levels of figure skaters, and PARCS is uniquely equipped to provide service for these figure skating harness systems including equipment supply, installations and inspections.

Note: It is required by Skate Canada that all harness systems be installed by a QUALIFIED installer. A qualified installer would be the OEM or an organization referred by the OEM (i.e. PARCS). The installation can also be done by a qualified/certified engineer (i.e. PARCS). 

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Learn about the Safety Requirements of Figure Skating Harnesses > We offer Figure Skating Harness Inspections > Learn more about our Inspection Process >


Hand Held Figure Skating Harness System:

Hand Held Harness in Use
  • Three part anodized mast
  • Custom universal cross bar, rubber sling & sling cable
  • Full foam grip handle
  • Fully adjustable skaters body harness
  • Off-Ice System pulley and beam cord
  • 40 ft. high quality 3/8 in. rope (max. ceiling height 20 ft. – additional length available)

On-Ice Track Figure Skating Harness System:

On-Ice Figure Skating Track Harness
  • Cable System – to be mounted in the arena.
  • One skater’s Deluxe Body Harness.
  • Running Wagon with a Double Pulley System (to keep the ropes from twisting) and double wheels on cable for faster ride.
  • Installation information and instructions for use.

Off-Ice Figure Skating Harness System:

Off Ice Harness for Doubles Lift
  • Cable System – to be mounted in the arena.
  • One skater’s Deluxe Body Harness.
  • Installation information and instructions for use.

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