Figure Skating Harness Inspections

Figure Skating Harness Inspections

Figure Skating Harness Inspection Details: 

Required Annual Inspections Free Online Calculator
Inspection Points: 
Over 20 Mandatory Inspection Points Checked + Load Test performed
Required Annually
Primary Governing Body: 
Skate Canada

According to Skate Canada regarding Figure Skating Harness Inspections "It is required that all harnesses be inspected at least once per year."

Annual Inspections are Required for Figure Skating Harnesses. Our expert Technicians evaluate over 20 mandatory inspection points on these systems, plus a load test is also performed. This ensures your equipment undergoes a rigorous and thorough examination prior to a "safe" status being designated.

PARCS Technicians are qualified to not only inspect but repair and install Figure Skating Harness systems, in accordance with the applicable codes and standards.

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