Retro Fitting

Playground Repairs & Retrofitting

A retrofit of an existing Playground is a viable and cost-effective way to modernize your existing structure while increasing not only the safety of the system but accessibility as well.

Retrofitting your Playground is one method in which you can bring your existing structure up to safety standards while reducing the impact on the environment. This method is common in Schools, Municipalities and Parks as an affordable alternative to replacing outdated playgrounds.

Why you may want to consider a Retrofit

Safety - Older Playgrounds were designed and manufactured when safety codes and standards were not routinely enforced, or in some cases even created yet. Many outdated Playgrounds were designed without considering enclosures or entrapment concerns. Retrofitting an existing Playground will ensure your system is up to current CSA Standards and protect you, children and the community.

Cost - Often when a customer is considering a new Playground budget continues to be a driving force for leaving the existing structure "as is". Retrofitting a Playground is a reasonable alternative to a new Playground and typically costs a fraction of a new system.

Accessibility - Playground Accessibility continues to be a focus and emphasis in Ontario, with mandated laws for enforcement coming into affect in the near future. Retrofitting your playground to include accessible components such as ramps and play spaces designed for wheelchairs etc., will aid in ensuring your structure is up to code when the new legislation is enforced.

PARCS stocks common repair components for your playground equipment, which includes:

  • Swing seats
  • Swing chains and hardware
  • Standard slides and slide components
  • Replacement panels
  • Steering wheels
  • Grab bars
  • Cargo nets
  • Hand over hand rings
  • Plastic boarders

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