Recreational Repairs and Installations

Supply, Install and Repair

We pride ourselves on our competent and trained professionals. Ensuring the safety of your staff and the community is our highest priority. Our service team is rigorously trained on manufacturers' equipment and is regularly tested. Our repairs are completed ensuring that current standards and regulations are taken into consideration at time of repair.

Some of our more common Installations and Repairs include:


Our expert technicians are experienced in several manufacturers' bleacher repair and service requirements. Adhering to all manufacturer requirements for repair, our technicians are capable of fixing any deficiency that may be associated with day-to-day operation and structural integrity of the bleachers.

Retractable Basketball Assemblies

The potential failure of an assembly of this nature is life threatening and should not be taken lightly. We provide service and repairs, which include; structural and frame, hardware, winch, wire rope and secondary restraint, back board and hoop, wall anchors and welds, as well as key switch repairs.


There are a number of playground repairs that if left unattended can pose a serious risk to children and the community. Consulting a playground repair expert such as PARCS will protect you from fines, penalties or injuries associated with outdated or improperly maintained structures.

Fixed Access Ladders

Fixed Access Ladders are a common request of our clients, due in part to recent scrutiny from the MOL. From fabrication through to inspection and installation we have a wealth of experience supplying safe and reliable Fixed Access Ladders.

Fixed Basketball Assemblies

A fixed assembly can become loose and damaged over time due to vibrations or abuse. Supports and frames need to be inspected visually and may require welding to repair. Wall anchors and fasteners may need to be repaired to ensure they are reliable and properly support the weight of the frame.

Wall Dividers

A malfunctioning or problematic wall divider can cause an immediate problem for sporting or scheduled events at your facility. We offer a reliable and dependable service program that ensures your repairs are completed quickly, reducing downtime and ensuring your events carry on without additional stress.

Overhead Doors

A faulty or problematic overhead door cannot only be an inconvenience to your day-to-day operations, but can pose a serious threat to the safety of your employees. We provide expert and reliable service on all models of overhead doors. Our service team is equipped with the resources to address your specific issue. Whether you need immediate assistance or are looking to proactively ensure the longevity of your overhead doors, give us a call and we can help.

Dock Levelers

We have an exceptional service team that is capable of providing reliable repairs and service for all brands of dock levelers. Minimizing downtime is essential your productivity and resolving your issue is our focus. Our service team will advise you on how your dock levelers can be maintained to prevent future failures from occurring.

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