Outdoor Facilities

Outdoor Equipment Inspections, installations and repairs including Playground Inspections and sports netting.

Our outdoor inspections not unlike many of our others encompass upwards of 4 governing bodies per inspection type. It is not uncommon for our inspectors to inspect based on standards and codes that span across several governing bodies such as, ANSI, OHSA and CSA for example. Having such a rigorous and thorough inspection program is critical not only to the success of our Company but more importantly the safety of your students and the general public.

Sports Safety Netting Installation

Sports Safety Netting Systems shown at two different Burlington Baseball Diamonds.

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Playground Modifications

Playground Modifications for the Visually Impaired

Our team of professional technicians modified the existing playground so that a visually impaired student could use the playground easier.

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Playground Repairs

Playground Repairs at Credit Meadows

Our team of highly skilled playground inspectors helped make sure this playground was ready for the new school year.

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Custom Recreational Netting Solution

Safety Recreational Netting Install in Sudbury.

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playground surfacing

Playground Surfacing Comparision

Improving playground surfacing is critical to the safety of your equipment, view the difference "Before" and "After" rototilling.

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