Playground Relocations

Playground Relocations, Maintenance and Upgrades

Playground Relocations

When it comes to relocating a Playground, don't leave this work to just any contractor. PARCS Ltd. is an expert in this field we will ensure your equipment is properly removed and reinstalled, taking care not to damage your equipment and ensuring it is compliant when reinstalled.

Improperly installed Playgrounds present severe risks to students, the community and facilities that maintain them.


Consistent Playground Maintenance will assist drastically in reducing injury and extending the life of the system. Surfacing maintenance, in particular roto-tilling, is an essential step to not only aesthetically improving the look of your playground but also ensuring safety at your location. Our roto-tilling services will ensure the longevity of your Playground surfacing and will immediately increase the overall safety of the Playground. Periodic site testing using the TRIAX 2000 is performed to determine if the surfacing meets the Head Injury Criteria (HIC). This essential service will protect you, and more importantly children, during a fall.


Playgrounds that reach the end of their life cycle require regular maintenance and upgrades in order to adhere to current CSA standards. Playground upgrades are essential to ensuring safety. Recent studies have concluded that a compliant playground drastically reduces the potential for injury.

"More than 28,000 children are injured every year on playgrounds across Canada. The rate of hospitalizations has gone up by eight percent between 2007 and 2012."
- Canadian Paediatric Society, 2013.

During a Playground retrofit process we look at the big picture. Is the equipment age appropriate? Does the surfacing meet the needs of the facility. Is your playground accessible to all individuals? Are there an entanglement or entrapment concerns?

Ensure any Playground upgrades or relocations are in good hands. Contact the leaders in the industry for expert service and advice. Contact PARCS.

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