Playground Installation

Playground Installation

Since 2001, PARCS Ltd. has been installing playgrounds throughout Ontario in Schools, Parks, and Municipalities. Our certified and trained technicians meet or exceed all playground installation requirements and uphold strict company policies on safe working environments. We take extra steps to ensure that during an installation all equipment is protected and that the area is properly and safely secured.

As PARCS Ltd. offers complete playground inspections, our technicians are vigilant in ensuring that all installations are 100% compliant with current CSA Standards and that any concerns are identified immediately. The technicians who install your playground are trained and regularly preform playground inspections, ensuring your installation is done right the first time!

Our dedicated installation team consists of expertly trained CPSI Inspectors, Installers combining to provide over 35 years Playground Installation experience, and Licensed Millwrights. Having such a diversified and experienced install team allows us to quickly address and resolve any potential problems while ensuring deadlines are upheld, within budget!

Having partnered with some of the foremost leading International Playground Manufacturers, we are certified and trained on all major brands of Playgrounds ensuring installations are completed according to the manufacturers specifications.

Installing a playground incorrectly can result in injury, excess costs, or in some cases voiding of the manufacturer's warranty altogether. Choosing an experienced, professional team to install your playground is the first step to ensure your new equipment make a positive difference in the community. 

Save your money, PARCS Ltd. will provide you with a competitive installation quote for any manufacturer's equipment; why not get a second quote on the installation of your new equipment.

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