Our Process

Tag It! 

We affix a permanent bar code tag to your equipment. Each tag has a distinct identification number, allowing us to identify your equipment each year and monitor its status on an annual basis.

Inspect It!

We use tablets to complete your inspections. This cost-effective inspection method allows us to build unique inspection certificates for each type of equipment and ensures our inspectors are covering each inspection point.

Sticker It! 

We use colour coded stickers, which will provide your staff with a visual aid for assessing what equipment has been inspected and what might require inspections.

Certify It!

We provide a detailed certificate for each piece of equipment we inspect. These certificates provide you with valuable knowledge regarding standards, regulations and services required.

Send It!

We will send you an automated email after the completion of the job notifying you that documents have been uploaded to your customer portal account for viewing.

Access It!

Upon completion of your work, our technicians will synchronize their devices, meaning you will have access to your reports within 24 hours. All your information is sent to our database. All reports are available to our customers via a secure login to our customer portal.


Eliminate the need to search for documents, use our customer portal to make life simpler. The customer portal allows our customers to upload relevant inspection documents, manuals and engineering files. Everything you need in one convenient location!

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