Our Process


Tag It! ...TRACK IT!

PARCS Ltd. affixes a permanent tag to your equipment. Each tag has a distinct ID# which we use each year to identify your equipment. This distinct ID# allows us to "track" your equipment in our database. This unique tag becomes your certificate# by simply adding a "Year Code" prefix to the ID# (13-XXXX)


Inspect It! ...NO PAPER, NO PENS!

PARCS Ltd. uses a rugged wireless handheld device to complete your inspections. This cost effective inspection method allows us to build unique inspection certificates for each type of equipment inspected. The inspection process is self auditing, ensuring each inspection point is being covered by our inspectors. All PARCS Ltd. reports are available paperless!


Sticker It! ...COLOUR CODED!

PARCS Ltd. uses colour coded stickers. Each year we change the colour, which allows a quick visual aid to your staff, verifying the equipment's inspection is current.



They say a picture is worth a thousand words. PARCS inspectors take inventory photos of your equipment during inspections, should we find a deficiency we will take a picture of that as well!


Certify It! ...VISIBLE ICON!

PARCS Ltd. provides a detailed certificate for each piece of equipment inspected. The custom certificate allows valuable information for service needs. Each inspection point is unique to the equipment being inspected, thus ensuring a detailed, accurate inspection. All "Safe" certificates will contain a "Safe For Use" icon to help designate that the equipment is "safe for its intended use".


Access It! ...@www.liftsafeinspections.com!

PARCS provides the ultimate customer experience, let us wow custom portal. Our secured site allows our customers to their complete file including schedule, work orders, quotes and inspection record and inspection history. 



Eliminate the need to search for documents, use our customer portal to make life simpler. The customer portal allows our customers to upload relevant inspection documents, manuals and engineering files. Everything you need in one convenient location!