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At PARCS Ltd. we provide a number of inspections that ensure both you and your equipment are safe. Many of the inspection services we provide are mandated by governing bodies and are recommended at regular service intervals. We provide initial consultation and can create a detailed inspection review for you, ensuring that you never miss a scheduled inspection. We will work with you to ensure that you are compliant and that all of the ministries regulations are upheld.

Here at PARCS we do things a little differently. We utilize the latest in tablet technology to inspect your equipment, take inventory and deficiency photos, and record all your inspection certificates. Our state of the art G10 paperless inspection program is the first of its kind, and has proven to set us apart from our competition. No paper means, lower costs and faster turn around times on your inspections! Our system synchronizes daily ensuring your inspection certificates are available the next day. Learn more about our process here >

Our secure customer login can be accessed at work, at home or on your smart phone and tablet devices; allowing you full accessibility of your equipment, repairs and inspections.