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We utilize the latest in tablet technology to inspect your equipment, take inventory and deficiency photos, and record all your inspection certificates.
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Our secure customer login can be accessed at work, at home or on your smartphone and tablet devices; allowing you full accessibility of your equipment, repairs and inspections. We provide initial consultation and can create a detailed inspection review for you, ensuring that you never miss a scheduled inspection.

Fall Safety

At PARCS Ltd. we pride ourselves on our complete and accurate certification process to ensure your lifting equipment is “Safe.” Our commitment of providing regular training to our technicians will ensure our customers receive qualified individuals to perform their inspections.

Our team uses wireless tablets to collect equipment data and these tablets provide our technicians with a detailed checklist of inspection points, ensuring nothing is missed during the inspection process. All deliverables are available to our customers via our Customer Portal within 24 hours of the inspection.

autoshop inspections facility inspection gym inspections
Auto Shop Inspections

Safety is always a priority in the classroom, but it can sometimes be a challenge to incorporate into Auto Shops and Wood Working Shops. Injuries in both Auto Shops and Wood Working Shops continue to be at the forefront of School related injuries and often result in the more severe and life threating injuries.

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Facility Inspections

Often overlooked, are Facility Inspections at Municipal, School and Recreational Facilities. These inspections typically fall under the category of "other" and most of our customers are unaware that in most cases these are required by law to be inspected, annually.


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Gymnasium Inspections

The responsibility for the care and safety of students and the general public rests on the shoulders of school boards and their employees. An important aspect in fulfilling this role is to recognize that there is an element of risk in all physical activity and to proactively act accordingly.

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outdoor inspections Skating Harness
Outdoor Inspections

Outdoor Equipment Inspections including Playground Inspections are some of our most heavily utilized services we offer here at PARCS. These inspections not unlike many of our others encompass upwards of 4 governing bodies per inspection type.

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Skating Inspections

Figure skating programs across Canada use safety harnesses to teach skaters to perform a variety of jumps and lifts safely. Like all things that lift, they need to be inspected on a set schedule in order to make sure they continue to make skaters safe.

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