General Inspections

Governing Bodies such as the MOL, CSA, TSSA, OHSA and ANSI require that inspections be conducted on equipment annually. Annual inspections are critical to ensure the longevity of your equipment, protect you from potential liability during a fail, and most importantly protect staff, students and the public.

Aside from the more common Outdoor Inspections, Auto Shop Inspections, Indoor Inspections, and Gymnasium Inspections we have a subset of General Inspections which encompasses a variety of miscellaneous items.

Below we have identified our complete list of General Inspections/Services as well as a full listing of all our Standard Inspections. Click on the headings below to learn more about each particular inspection type.

Air Balancer Inspections >

Anchor Point Inspections >

Automotive Jack Inspections >

Automotive Lift Inspections >

Basketball Assembly Inspections >

Below the Hook Inspections >

Bleacher Inspections >

Chain Fall Inspections >

Chain and Wire Mesh Slings Inspections >

Climbing Wall Inspections >

Conveyor Line Attachment Inspections >

Crane Hook Inspections >

Die Cart and Pump Cart Inspections >

Dock Leveller Inspections >

Drop Lift Structure Inspections >

Drop Test Triax Inspections >

Electric Hoist Inspections >

Engine Hoist Inspections >

Fall Arrest Inspections >

Fall Arrest Support Systems Inspections >

Fixed Access Ladder Inspections >

Gym Equipment Inspections >

Jack Stand Inspections >

Ladder Inspections >

Lifting Support Structure Inspections >

Lift and Tilt Table Inspections >

Lift Truck Inspections >

Man Lift Inspections >

Outdoor Equipment Inspections >

Overhead Door Inspections >

Playground Inspections >

Pneumatic Hoist Inspections >

Puller and Lever Hoist Inspections >

Scoreboard Inspections >

Shop Equipment Assessments >

Shop Equipment Inspections >

Sling Inspections >

Special Needs Equipment Inspections >

Spring Balancer Inspections >

Support Stand Inspections >

Stage Production Inspections >

Trolley Inspections >

Wall Divider Inspections >

Weight Room Inspections >

Wire Rope Crane Inspections >