Important News about your Customer Portal Account

Important News about your Customer Portal Account
March 6, 2014

In an ongoing effort to enhance our users experience, we will be implementing a mass password re-format initiative. Ensuring your security continues to be of the utmost importance to us here at PARCS. We have launched a program to enhance the security features within your account.

Our initiative is targeted at giving you complete control and access over your account.

Here is what you can expect next time you log into your account:

When you log into your account, the following alert will be displayed: "Please change your portal password. Password cannot be the same as your email address."

Security Settings

Should you attempt to re-enter your password as an email, the following message will appear: "please choose a different password." 

If your new password does not match, you will receive the following message: "please choose a different password."

If your password is less then five (5) characters, you will receive the following message: "new password must have at least 5 characters."

Creating a New Password

We recommend changing your password to a unique and completely custom password, that only you will know. We recommend using both upper and lowercase, as well as numbers. Although this is not mandatory, this will aid in ensuring your account is properly protected. 

Our new format requires that you enter a password of five (5) characters or more and it cannot be the same as your email. 

Don't Remember your Password?

Simply enter your username in the "Forgot Password" field and we will send it to you via your email address. 

Questions or Comments

If you have questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at 1-866-496-6600. 

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